Welcome to Kindergarten!


This is where I will be updating important information and posting Newsletters. I’m looking forward to what this year will bring. Curious about what we’ll be doing this year? Take a look at a summary of the scope of the year here: Soaring to Success!


Kinder News Week 37 – Final Week!


Hi Families! WE MADE IT!! I cannot believe it’s the last week of school!

Here’s a few reminders/notices about this week:

  • Field Day is on Wednesday June 13th. If you would like to volunteer, it’s not too late to sign up at the office. There was a lime green half sheet that went home on Friday with some information. Let me know if you need another.
  • Students will be bringing things home. I have a lot of things like workbooks, journals, name tags etc that will be going home with the kiddos. I’m trying to stagger it a little bit each day so they aren’t over-burdened, but please remind them to take their backpack every day this week!
  • Last Day of School is a Half Day on Thursday June 14th. Mon-Wed are full days, and Thursday is like an early release. Teachers will be finalizing grades on Friday with no students.
  • Summer Work will also be sent home. I putting together packets of extra letter writing/lists of heart words and such for students to use to keep their skills up. You can also use blank pages in the workbooks that are coming home. Have them read or write a litter everyday and they will definitely be ready for 1st grade!

As I write this final weekly newsletter I feel overwhelmed with the mixed emotions that the end of the school year brings. I am definitely ready for summer and to rest before starting fresh next year, but I can’t help feeling sad about saying goodbye (for now) to this wonderful group of young people that I have gotten to know so well. It has been an absolute honor to teach your children, and I am so glad to have been a small part of their educational journey. I will sincerely miss each and every one of them!

Thank you all for your patience and support during my first year at Riverbend. Let me know if you need anything, I am always available for my kinder families past and present.

Take care and have a wonderful summer!



P.S. TAG! You’re it!! ^_^

Kinder News Week 36


Hi All!

We are getting SO close to the end of the year. I can’t believe it! We had a fantastic time at our Papa’s Pizza field trip. I hope your kiddos shared their goodies with you. =) This week is again, all about review and wrapping up. Not a lot of new concepts being introduced since the focus is on making the current ones solid before summer.


  • Heart Words (last set!): “our” “too” “show”
  • Focus Letters Yy and Qq
  • Writing: Thank you notes to Papa’s Pizza/Opinion/Informational


  • Teen Numbers, Shapes, Addition/Subtraction within 10
  • iReady
  • KinderTEK wrap up


  • Registration Packets are still being collected for next year. If you student is returning to Riverbend, please get them in ASAP
  • Volunteers are needed for our  Field Day. If you are interested, please let the office know! =)
  • Friday 5/8/ is Cowboy/girl Day. Ya’ll dress as western as you please! (No guns or spurs. ;))

Let’s have a great week everyone!

Ms. St. Louis

Kinder News Week 35


Hi Families!

This week is a shorter one, but it’s jam-packed with lots of great things we’re doing! We are also reviewing a lot of things these next couple of weeks because we are getting ready for our final report card.


  • Heart Words: “off” “take”
  • Focus Letters: Qq and Yy
  • Writing: Opinion/Informational/Letter Review


  • Shapes Review
  • Adding and Subtracting within 10
  • Understanding teen numbers
  • iReady


  • Thank you for the families who have given some snack options! We still have a few weeks to go, so donations still help. =)
  • Papa’s Pizza Field Trip!! We are headed to Papa’s Pizza on Thursday.  ^_^
  • Substitute Teacher  on Friday June 1st. This should hopefully be the last fill in of the school year!
  • Riverbend Talent Show is this Friday. Kindergarteners will not be performing, but are encouraged to attend!

We are trying to savor our last few weeks as a class together before summer. We are working on continuing to be inclusive and kind and building problem solving skills. These kiddos will be ready for first grade! Let’s have a great week!


Ms. St. Louis

Kinder News Week 34


Hey Families,

We are about to start  our last four weeks of school- I can’t believe it!

A very special thank you for the parents and families that helped out with the jog-a-thon! What a fun event that was!! The kiddos had a great time and got in a LOT of exercise!

Here’s what we have going on this week:


  • Heart Words: “very” “put” “their”
  • Focus Letters: Yy and Qq
  • Writing: Informational


  • Understanding Teen Numbers
  • Understanding Addition vs. Subtraction
  • iReady and math games


  • I have really fallen behind on sending home Reading Logs! My apologies! I will send home some fresh sheets for those still logging.
  • Snacks please, please please!!
  • There will be a substitute teacher on Wednesday due to a Professional Development commitment I have. Mrs. Pruitt has been a guest teacher before in our room. =)

Let’s have a fantastic week!!


Ms. St. Louis


Hi there,

Two quick announcements!

1) Registration Packets

  • Please watch for your child’s registration packet for next year (if you are planning on returning o Riverbend). It will be coming home with them today. These need to be turned in asap. Preferably before Friday 5/18.

2) Jogathon Packets

  • Jogathon Packets went home last week with your child. If your child returns their packet with an adult signature (doesn’t require any pledges) they will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Willamilane gift certificate! If they get pledges they can get additional prizes!
  • The jogathon is this Friday 5/18/18. Please have your child wear appropriate footwear for jogging. No sandals or boots please!

Thanks all- let me know if you have any questions!

Kinder News Week 33


Hi kinder families!

Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mamas!

Here’s what’s going on this week:


  • Heart Words: “one” “walk” “look”
  • Focus Letters: Zz, Vv and short Uu
  • Writing: Informational- Animals and Habitat


  • Understanding teen numbers
  • Math games
  • iReady


  • Please have your student return their book chest book. I am trying to get them all in for the end of the year! Their blue book bags are theirs to keep though!
  • Snacks for the class would be great if anyone can donate. =)

Have a great week!


Ms. St. Louis